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“Trade crime for skills”

Young people are diverse and unique and we seek to support and empower them. Education remains the greatest way out of poverty. By equipping young people with the knowledge and skills which they will need, this will make room for a more sustainable future, for everyone. To us, empowered youths are confident in their ability to contribute to the world around them and are able to overcome the challenges they face and live up to their potential. Equipping young people with new skills can make communities safer and healthier and provide an alternative to gangs and drugs. Trained with the skills that amplify their passions and interests, young people are powerful partners in solving problems, creating jobs and leading change.


Our mission is to empower young people to reach their potential by equipping them with skills, knowledge and confidence in their abilities for the purpose of preventing youth crime and violence and creating safe, healthy and thriving environments for them and their families.


A safe and healthy society where youths are empowered to live with dignity and equality, free from violence and oppression
Yelah aims to empower young people from all walks of life to discover their potential and utilize it efficiently to create a better environment for themselves and others.

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